A Focus on Local and Unique

Alive Structures is a certified woman-owned-landscaping business based in Brooklyn, NY.

We design, install and maintain green roofs, green walls, terraces and gardens for residential, commercial, industrial or institutional clients.

We have experience in both large and small scale projects and collaborate closely with our customers to achieve their vision within the defined budget and time line.

Our aim is to create natural landscapes in the urban environment, improve air and water quality, reduce energy dependence, develop open green space, and stimulate educational opportunities in New York City.

Our work include the use of native plants as we are committed to environmental sustainability and biodiversity. We have teamed up with a network of local talented artists and artisans to fabricate custom materials to generate elegant and distinct aesthetics.

Let us help you make a difference in our environment.

Newest Blog Entry:

Newest Blog Entry:

Event April 30th

If you're in Greenpoint and interested in what's being done with all that money from Exxon, then come on down to the ! I'll be there talking wildflowers and roofs. 

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