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This modern duplex apartment in Downtown, Brooklyn has a roof garden and terrace
garden. The third floor terrace consists of custom built Ipe wood planters lining the
periphery. By using high planters, tall grasses and wildflowers we were able to create a
sense of privacy and enclosure. The evergreen pines give year around interest and
provide structure to the terrace landscape. One planter that is placed against the building
wall contains a Virginia Creeper that is growing and clinging to the wall creating vertical
interest, berries for birds in the winter, and stunning fall color.

The roof garden has two small green roof sections and six large custom built aluminum
planters. The planters contain three River Birch trees, tall grasses, wildflowers, and
prickly pear cactus.

Marni Majorelle, 2012-2014

Use Residential
Location Downtown Brooklyn
Completion 2014
Size 600 SF
Design Alive Structures / Other Collaborators: James Cleary Architecture