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The eccentric West Village building designed by artist Julian Schnabel is called Palazzo
Chupi or also known as The Pink Palace, because of it’s bold pink colored stuccoed
walls. There are several terraces that line the towering palace. Alive Structures was hired
for the landscaping of the largest and most exposed terrace on the 8th floor. The planters
are custom made from reclaimed wood from the Coney Island Boardwalk. They are
combined with elegant stone and ceramic planters. The plant palette contains pine trees
and perennials that can tolerate the strong winds and direct southern exposure. The
landscaping work expanded onto the 9th and 10th floor terraces.

Marni Majorelle, 2011, 2012

Use Residence
Location West Village
Completion 2012
Size 1,800 SF (4 Terraces)
Design Alive Structures / Other Collaborators: ReMade Design