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The first green roof Alive Structures completed. It is a semi- intensive green roof with
over 4” of soil planted with native plants, sedum, and bulbs. The roof is on top of a
mechanics’ garage that was converted into a theater and gallery. The roof is meant to
accommodate people and small gatherings; there are two deck areas made from recycled
Ipe wood and a pathway through the planted area made from lightweight concrete pavers,
which invited people to explore at the green roof and take a closer look at the plants.
There is one solar panel array on the south side of the roof that contributes to the theaters’
energy supply.

This green roof has hosted several group tours from the festivals Open House New York
and NYC Wildflower Week. We have given many educational lectures on the roof with
groups from NYU and Columbia. It is included in Eric Sandersons’ inspirational book
Mannahatta (see page. . )

Photographs by Marni Majorelle 2007-2012

Use Recreational
Location East Village
Completion 2007
Size 800 SF
Design Thread Collective, Alive Structures / Other Collaborators: Green Living Technologies, Client (Wild Project Theater)