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An impressive terrace space on the 8th floor of the modern, luxury building, One Jackson
Square. The original landscape design of the terrace was by Gunn Landscape Architects.
Alive Structures expanded the scope of green roof on the terrace and changed much of
the plant palette. The green roof is intensive containing 4”-12” of soil. There are also
several planters for vegetables, large trees, and shrubs. The plant palette is dominated by
Mexican Feather Grass intermixed with many different wildflowers. The green roof is
like an open meadow that moves in waves every time the wind blows. The center of the
roof is covered with pavers and a shade structure that willow trees are growing onto and
will eventually cover.

Photographers: Marni Majorelle, 2014 & Ari Burling, 2014

Use Residential
Location West Village
Completion 2013
Size 3,500 SF
Design Gunn Landscape Architecture, PLLC / Alive Structures / Collaborators: Client