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Teacher's College Student Colin Schumacher (graduated 2011)
wanted to make his college more environmentally friendly by incorporating green infrastructure into the campus. He also wanted to introduce an interactive natural environment for his fellow students and the children they worked with. Collaborating with Alive Structures, Colin applied for a grant from the Brita Foundation called "Filter for Good". After receiving the grant, Teachers College provided matching funds to hire Alive Structures to design and install a garden in the courtyard of the school. The garden is a stream bed that stretches from one downspout against the wall of the courtyard to the middle of the courtyard. It is filled with small boulders, stepping stones, and native semiaquatic plants such as Horsetail and Common Rush. This garden was featured in the New York Times Home and Garden section in 2011.

Marni Majorelle, 2010, 2012
Eric Majorelle, 2010
Randy Harris for The New York Times 2011

Use Institutional, Education
Location Columbia University, Upper West Side, NY
Completion 2010
Size 300 SF
Design Alive Structures / Other Collaborators: Colin Schumacher, Student/Teacher