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Working with ecologically minded clients and CWB Architects, Alive Structures designed a multi-purpose back yard; where children have space to run, the clients can grow fruit, and have a unique border garden consisting of native shrubs and perennials. The garden includes a low maintenance lawn mix, a small rain garden, a space for composting, and large rain barrels connected to the roof downspout. Other landscaping on the property includes a green roof on a set back from the client’s bedroom and the front garden.

Ari Burling, 2013
Francis Dzikowski |, with styling by Brice Gaillard 2012
Marni Majorelle, 2013
Client 2013

Use Residential, Recreation
Location Prospect Heights, Brooklyn
Completion 2012
Size 1,000 SF
Design Alive Structures / Other Collaborators: CWB Architects