Crains New York Interviews Alive Structures!


We had a great time being interviewed by the Crains New York TV crew that travel all over the five boroughs doing stories about cool business making cool things here in the city! Unfortunately, since it was still too cold, we could not go up and shoot any footage of actual greenroofs! Instead we stayed warm, kind of,  in a big industrial space under construction owned by Broadway Stages, where we are now beginning a large scale wildflower project!


check it out!   Season 4, Episode 3  

skip the first interview, go to the middle of the episode (around 13 mins in)


Vote 11222!


Dear Friends and Neighbors, Our company, Alive Structures, has been working for the past two years on a proposal for a large scale green roof on Kingsland Avenue in Greenpoint. We have applied for "Legacy Funding" from the Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund and have reached the final round in this competitive grant program called "Community Preferencing". This is when residents of area code 11222 are asked to vote on which project they prefer. We are asking you to please come out this week and vote for our project proposal:

"The Newtown Creek Wildflower Roof and Community Space".

Vote! THURSDAY NOVEMBER 19 at the Brooklyn Expo Center from 12 - 2:30 pm + 6 - 8:30 pm 72 Noble Street


Vote! SATURDAY NOVEMBER 21 at Warsaw from 10 am - 3 pm 261 Driggs Avenue

Bring your 11222 ID or a utility bill that proves you live in Greenpoint. Also it would be great if you could forward this message to all your family and friends living in Greenpoint and / or post this message on social media.

Thank you Marni + Eric

Project Description Project partners, New York City Audubon, Newtown Creek Alliance, Alive Structures, and Trout in the Classroom will install and maintain a large-scale, bird-friendly green roof planted with native species, with the goal of reducing air and water pollution, creating much needed natural habitat for birds and other species, and establishing a community space. “The Newtown Creek Wildflower Roof and Community Space,” would be 21,711 square feet on top of 520 Kingsland Avenue, a building owned by Broadway Stages, the Greenpoint based movie studio. The intensive green roof will be an accessible open green space, will serve as an outdoor classroom, a space for workshops, festivals, summer film screenings, and lectures, directly benefitting the Greenpoint community. The roof will also serve as a replicable example to the surrounding industrial businesses and to the community at large, showing what one solution to urban environmental challenges looks like; a beautiful rooftop meadow.

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